Suru Homes Limited and Suru Express Limited, Subsidiaries of Haldane McCall Plc, Illuminate Hope: A CSR Initiative at NIMC

In the pursuit of meaningful contributions to society, Suru Homes Limited and Suru Express Limited, proud subsidiaries of Haldane McCall Plc, recently undertook a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that aimed to bring relief to the Nigeria Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and, by extension, countless Nigerian citizens.

Sheltering Hope: Roofing the Applicants Waiting Session

The focus of this impactful initiative was the roofing of the Applicants Waiting Session area at the Nigeria Identity Management Commission Corporate Head Office in Alausa. The waiting area, where numerous applicants patiently awaited their turn, lacked proper shelter, subjecting them to the scorching sun and unpredictable weather conditions.

A Symbol of Unity: Handover to NIMC

In a gracious ceremony, Suru Homes Limited and Suru Express Limited handed over the newly-roofed waiting area to Mr. Adefolaju Adebola Felix, Deputy Director and Regional Head of the Lagos Region at NIMC. This initiative stands as a testament to the commitment of Haldane McCall Plc and its subsidiaries to community welfare and social responsibility.



Letter of Appreciation: A Touching Gesture from NIMC

The impact of this CSR initiative was poignantly acknowledged by NIMC. A letter of appreciation was presented to Mr. Edward Akinlade, the Group Managing Director of Haldane McCall Plc, on behalf of the staff and management of NIMC. The gratitude expressed in the letter underlines the positive change brought about by the initiative and its profound effects on the lives of the waiting applicants.

A Humble Request: The Journey Continues

While celebrating the success of this roofing project, Mr. Adefolaju Adebola Felix conveyed a heartfelt request from NIMC. Recognizing the genuine concern shown, he appealed for Suru Homes Limited and Suru Express Limited, under the umbrella of Haldane McCall Plc, to further extend their support by constructing an additional waiting area for applicants. The current waiting conditions, despite the improvement, still leave many standing under the harsh sun.

A Call to Action: Lighting Up Lives, One Shelter at a Time

As we bask in the glow of this successful CSR initiative, we urge all stakeholders to join hands in making a lasting impact on society. Haldane McCall Plc, through its subsidiaries Suru Homes Limited and Suru Express Limited, is proud to lead the way in corporate citizenship.

In essence, this initiative is more than just roofing; it is a beacon of hope, a manifestation of shared responsibility, and a promise to continue illuminating the lives of fellow citizens. The journey doesn’t end here – it continues, with each step contributing to a brighter and more compassionate future for all.

Together, let us build more than structures; let us build a legacy of care and compassion.

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