Company Governance

Value defines our

Our Company Governance

The Members of the Board of Directors of Haldance Mccall Plc are committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance, recognizing that the company’s good reputation is its most valuable asset.

Board Composition

The composition of our Board is to be reviewed regularly to ensure the appropriate mix of skills and expertise is present to facilitate successful strategic direction. In appointing members to the Board, consideration is given to the ability of the appointee to: contribute to the ongoing effectiveness of the Board, to exercise sound business judgement, to commit the necessary time to fulfil the requirements of the role effectively and to contribute to the development of the strategic direction of the Company.
The majority of our Board is comprised of executive Directors. We strive to balance our Board such that at least one member of the Board is independent. An independent Director is one who is independent of management and free from any business or other relationship, which could, or could reasonably be perceived to, materially interfere with, the exercise of the directors independent judgment. We insist that our Directors must disclose their interests.

The independence of the Directors is assessed regularly by our Board in light of the interests disclosed by them. Directors are expected to bring their independent views and judgement to the Board and must declare immediately to the Board any potential or active conflicts of interest.
Our Board comprises of Directors with a mix of qualifications, experience and expertise. This assists our Board in fulfilling its responsibilities, as well as assisting our Company in achieving growth targets and delivering value to all stakeholders

Responsibilities of our board

Our Board Commitment

In carrying out its responsibilities and powers, our Board Recognises its overriding responsibility to act honestly, fairly, diligently and in accordance with the law in serving the interests of our shareholders; Recognises its duties and responsibilities to our employees, clients, stakeholders and the community.
The specific responsibilities of the Board of Directors In addition to matters it is expressly required by law to approve,

Our Brand

Our brand is premised on service quality and a commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves in providing superior services. We are aware and know fully well that we would be judged on our service delivery and our brand adjudged accordingly.

This is the basis of our commitment. The basis of all that we represent and provide.

suru express limited

Suru Express HotelYour ideal comfortable, top-quality guest accommodation at pocket-friendly prices with the best of amenities.

We offer comfortable, top-quality guest accommodation at pocket-friendly prices in four categories - the Suite, Deluxe, Standard and Express Gold rooms which are each fully air-conditioned and fitted with a king-sized bed and the best of modern room/bedroom accessories to make the guest as comfortable as could be desired.

Suru Express Limited currently have three hotels in different locations in Lagos State. The first is a 32-room budget hotel in the highbrow GRA Ikeja, another 21-room budget hotel in the heart of Surulere, Lagos and a 92 room’s hotel with conference facilities in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Suru Homes LimitedThe most preferred and proactive real estate company in Africa offering exceptional products and services to our customers.

HMK’s investment activities in real estate are creating value as the occupancy is continuously increasing as a lasting asset in the Company’s balance sheet. And even more important, the new housing units create a value for the population helping them to have a better live.

Suru Homes Limited plans to develop luxury residential properties and low cost housing in choice locations in Nigeria as well as chains of function halls throughout Nigeria. The company has expanded its scope of operations by launching serviced apartments for letting.

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